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We started to help our community find high quality, reliable, and trustworthy service providers. We have lived, worked, and played in Solivita since 2005. We own a real estate company and digital marketing agency.

We are NOT affiliated with Taylor Morrison but we are extremely active members of this wonderful community. We have owned three houses in Solivita and have done work to all of them so we have personal experience with local service providers focused on Solivita.

The residents of Solivita regularly ask friends and neighbors for recommendations for local services.  Solivita Services is the solution!

  • Local Business Directory (like an Angie’s List + Yelp) serving Solivita
  • Research Company Info – When you are ready hire!
  • Read ratings and reviews from trusted Solivita residents


Let Us Know What You Think

We developed this site for you so let us know what you think. Tell us about a category of service you’d like to see added to the site or about an amazing experience you had with a service provider in our community. You can always reach us on or on the CONTACT US form below.

We look forward to helping you find the services you are looking for.  And remember to TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS and tell your service provider you found them on

We are dedicated to helping you find the services you are looking for.


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