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It’s a new year and you have HGTV inspiration and a tax return check in hand! Time for a long-overdue update to liven up your interior rooms. You head to your local Sherwin Williams and go through hundreds of paint swatches with your spouse and friends and narrow it down to the perfect colors to reflect your personality. Your vision is about to become reality, then your painter asks if you want flat, satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss?  Huh?  Does it matter?

Yes, it does matter.  The paint finish you choose depends on the desired amount of shine and durability you want for a room.   Let’s go over the different finishes.

FLAT- flat paint has a chalky texture and works well with hiding wall imperfections and camouflaging small bumps and cracks.  It is perfect for ceilings as it does not reflect light. A flat finish is not ideal for high traffic areas like bathrooms and kitchens because it does not clean up well.

SATIN – Satin paint has more sheen than flat.  It is great for doors, hallways and bed and dining rooms. It holds up to being cleaned and light scrubbing.

SEMI-GLOSS – Semi-gloss gives rooms more shine.  It is the best choice for doors, trims, kitchen, and bathrooms because of its excellent scrub-ability.

HIGH GLOSS – High gloss has the most dramatic look with a shiny and reflective look. It is stain-resistant and washable.  Use sparingly on walls as it can make imperfections in walls more noticeable. It is just right for doors and trims.  Remember that the higher the sheen – the more intense the color.

Now that you know the differences between sheens – Happy Redecorating!  It is going to look fabulous!

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